Sunday, 28 December 2014

My Christmas Gifts 2014

My Christmas Gifts - 2014

Merry Christmas everyone! I hope you all had a magical day and enjoyed any celebrations you've had since! Now Christmas is over for another year I thought I'd post about the lovely gifts I received.

As a kid at heart, I literally cannot contain my excitement on Christmas Eve and opening presents in the morning of Christmas day is possibly my favourite thing... ever. I'm the type of girl who loves a surprise and I always ask my parents and loved ones for as many surprises as possible! I had a few things I knew about this year but also managed to receive some secretly bought gifts.

Givenchy- Bambi Collection

I love Disney, it's literally one of my most loved things in the world. I especially love Bambi! Anyone that knows me, knows that I love deer and I even have a tattoo of Bambi on the top of my thigh. I love fashion just as much and I've lusted after the Givenchy Bambi collection since it came out. This year I received two of the pieces, the small pouch and matching pink silk scarf. I absolutely adore both items and I can't wait to take my clutch on a night out and wear my scarf- which is perfect for the chilly weather! 

Links - Rose Gold Skull Bracelet 

I've liked the Links skull bracelets for a while now and this Christmas I asked for the rose gold bracelet as I don't have a bracelet to wear every day at the moment. This particular one goes perfectly with my rose gold watch. 

Pandora Stacking Rings

I know a lot of people who have Pandora rings and they always look so sparkly and pretty and are perfect for both everyday wear and evening wear. This year my boyfriend said he would get me some of their stacking rings and I picked the above three. My Pandora bracelet has a mixture of baby pink and clear crystals so I decided to go for a slim band filled with light pink crystals, the adorably cute glittery bow ring and the pink crystal heart, which is lovely and romantic. The only disadvantage I would say about Pandora is that their rings are quite large, I have really thin fingers and the smallest size 50 was far to big for any other finger than my index. 

Kurt Geiger Shoes

This year I wanted some new heels and I looked around Selfridges for hours trying to find the perfect pair. I tried on a couple of pairs in Gucci and Jimmy Choo but I didn't they really had enough wow-factor for the price (and definitely weren't comfortable!). In the end, I found two beautiful pairs of shoes in Kurt Geiger, a red pair with black glitter around the edges, and black suede with a bow at the ankle. I don't have any other red shoes so they're a perfect addition to my shoe collection. I always find Kurt Geiger shoes really comfortable and both these pairs don't hurt my feet, which is ideal for a long night. 

Selfridges- Pixie Dust Gift Set 

This Christmas I got the other version of the Selfridges exclusive fairytale gift set that I posted about last week. This set is lovely and gold themed! It contains an EOS Strawberry Smooth Sphere, OPI nail varnish in Glitzerland, Eyeko Black Magic mascara, Gold Ribband, Aromatherapy Associates Inner Strength bath and shower oil, OCC gold eyeshadow, Realine Anti Frown patches, KISSING Elixirs and a Felix Doolittle Frog Prince mirror. I've used a couple of products already and will review them if any of you guys would like! I looooove the gold eyeshadow especially, you need just a tiny amount for the perfect sparkly yellow-gold glittery eyes! 

Valentino- Red and Pink Polka-dot Scarf 

My parents surprised me with this scarf and I absolutely adore it! I love that its reversible and also looks amazing when both colours are showing at the same time! The scarf also comes in multiple other colours, such as violet with pale blue and navy with royal blue. 

Victoria's Secret Underwear

My mum bought me some Victoria's Secret underwear for Christmas and they're so so pretty. I got two sets, one which is a lime colour with peach bows and white lace. The other is pale pink glittery with shimmery pink lace. The underwear fits so well and is really comfortable- perfect!


I enjoyed this year's Christmas so much and I hope you all did too! These gifts made an already amazing day even more wonderful and I'm so grateful to everyone who treated me this year! If you want me to review any of the products in this post just let me know. ♥


Tuesday, 23 December 2014

The Best Christmas Gifts for Her - 2014

The Best Christmas Gifts for Her - 2014

This Christmas I've seen so many amazing gifts on the market, so I decided to put together a little list of the top 3 Christmas gift sets for girls. Some of them I have even bought myself!

1. Selfridges Exclusive Fairest of Them All Gift Set 

I fell in love with Selfridges' gift sets this year; they have a fairytale Christmas theme in store and even their gift sets are lovely and princessy! 
I treated myself to this amazing set which cost ONLY £40 and can be bought directly from Selfridges. Not only are the items amazing but the saving is unbelievable- over £120.
Everything comes in a pretty yellow and white giftbox and all the items are wrapped in super-cute polka-dot tissue paper.

The set contains;

Alphabet Bags Fairest Of Them All canvas wash bag £20
This comes in other variations with Disney-inspired quotes on- Perfect for all the princess-lovers out there.

Inner Me Beautify Me capsules £15
These tablets help to keep you beautiful! They work simultaneously on hair, skin and nails, which is great if you want to make everything better all at once! I haven't completed the course of these capsules yet- I'll review them when I do- but I have used their hair supplements and they really do help. They contain Silica which is amazing for the hair and many other vitamins to keep your scalp and hair happy and healthy.

Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches Magic Oil £24.50
I've heard so many good things about Michael Van Clarke 3 More Inches but as you can see it's quite expensive and I haven't managed to buy any of his products. That's one of the main reasons why I love this set and the oil leaves my hair feeling so shiny and soft. I'm not too sure how much it helps hair grow,but it definitely promotes healthy hair growth by protecting and nourishing the ends of the hair.

Caudalie Mini eu du Beauty 30ml £11.50
Apparently loved by Victoria Beckham, this product is a beauty spray which helps to make the face glow! It gives a nice fresh feeling to the skin which is slightly tingly and it can be used over or under make-up which is great if you need a pick-up during a long day. It can even be used by men as an after-shave. 

Fountain Beauty Molecule £24.99
I haven't started taking this supplement yet but it's a pomegranate flavoured beauty supplement which promotes health, youth and longevity. I've heard that it tastes amazing and helps a lot with  the overall appearance of skin. I've used a few other products from the same brand which are amazing- if that's anything to go by.

Lord & Berry Twist Stick in Arizona £13
I don't tend to wear red lipstick as I don't think it suits my skin (despite it making my teeth look sparkling white). However, I LOVE this red twist stick! It's the perfect orangey red and its super shiny and glossy without being sticky- more like a varnish. I paired it with some darker red lip liner to contour and I was good to go! 

Deborah Lippmann nail varnish in My Old Flame £16
Lovely shiny red nail-polish! 

Bioeffect EGF serum deluxe size £15 (estimated)
This is only a sample size of the Bioeffect EGF serum. I haven't used it every day but I've noticed you only need a tiny amount each time- the bottle has a little pipette for application. It also makes my skin feel super soft and silky and sinks in overnight.

Timebomb Complexion Cocktail B12 £24
This product energises the skin, so it's perfect to use on early mornings and late nights- which is useful for me at uni. It contains all different types of ingredients to make the skin plumper, even skin tone and moisturise. The shot of B12 goes straight into your skin to literally energise you straight away and restore the rosy glow you might have lost. 

I truly believe this products are amazing on their own and I LOVE that they're all in this awesome Christmas set! This is such a perfect gift as it's worth over £160 and is something really luxurious to give to someone special (that someone special might even be yourself- oops!) for such a reasonable price.

2. Bliss Fabulips Treatment Kit Gift Set 

I received this as a Christmas present last year and they re-released it again for this year's Christmas. I'm pretty sure every girl faces the dreaded chapped lips at Christmas time, thanks to the cold weather. This kit really does help to make your lips plump and soft again (just in time for all that mistletoe- hehe). The set costs £39.50 and is worth over £50.

The set contains a 4-step lip-treatment;

Step One! Fabulips Foaming Lip Cleanser 
This lip cleanser preps your lips for the treatment- getting rid of all left-over lipstick and impurities. It doesn't seem like it'll foam at first, but, as soon as you rub it in, it fluffs up and turns white and cleans everything off your lips!

Step Two! Fabulips Sugar Lip Scrub
This lip scrub is literally made from sugar and tastes so yummy (I like to lick mine off instead of wiping it...). Just a little amount softens your lips and helps to get rid of crusty skin (yuck). 

Step Three! Fabulips Instant Lip Plumper
The Bliss lip-plumper isn't going to give you an Angelina-Jolie pout but it does help your lips look much more appealing. It has that typical tingle afterwards and helps to make lips look more full and plump but isn't going to do anything drastic to the size.

Step Four! Fabulips Softening Lip Balm
The last step is to put on lip balm. I don't tend to use this product if I'm doing the entire treatment as I don't really think it works that well after the lip plumper. The textures don't mix very well and I just feel the plumper wont be as effective if I spread a whole load of lip balm on top. I don't use a lot of the balm as it has a weird kind of taste and makes my lips too slippery if I use too much. I tend to put it on overnight so I can wake up with soft lips rather than wear it during the day.

3. Urban Decay Naked On The Run Palette

I absolutely adore this Urban Decay palette and I'm hoping Santa will bring it for me on Christmas morning! If not I'll wait for a feelunique discount code and treat myself! The full priced item is £37. I love the naked palettes and I'm sure this set is just as good. 

The set contains; 

6 NEW eye-shadow colours. 
I love that all the eye colours in this palette are brand new! It makes me so excited to try them out. There's even a bigger dose of the new shade 5050, which is great as it's the perfect base shade. The other colours are Dive (a metallic rose with a golden shimmer), Fix (a soft taupe matte), Resist (a medium metallic taupe), Stun ( a metallic bronze with a light gold shimmer). 

Medium Matte Bronzer

Lightly Shimmering Vibrant Pink Blush 

Perversion Mascara in Blackest Black 

24/7 Glide-On Eye pencil 
In Stag which is a deep brown satin colour.

Naked Lipgloss
In Sesso - a rose coloured gloss with a pink shimmer. 

The set has literally everything in it to make yourself look beautiful! It's a handy little package to carry around for touch ups as it isn't too big to keep in a handbag! The lipgloss is full-sized so you can even swap it out for a different one once you've finished, or change the colour each day for different looks. I'm hoping by the new year I can own this palette and put together swatches for you guys! But for now I can just dream about how perfect the products will be. ♥ The palette is limited edition so hurry!!


I hope you guys liked this post and have some inspiration for what to buy your special girls this Christmas. If you're organised and have done all your shopping already, try to pick some of these up after Christmas before they sell out in the Boxing-Day and January Sales! If there are any specific items you want me to review from these gifts, please let me know and I will.